Bioprocess operations make use of microbial, animal cell, plant cell or components of cells such as enzymes to produce various products including organics (Ethanol,Acetone, Butanol), biomass (Yeasts for food and agriculture), organic acids (Citric acid, Lactic acid), antibiotics (Penicilin, Tetracycline), enzymes (Proteases, Glucoamylase), therapeutic proteins (Erythropoietin) and vitamins (B12, Riboflavin). The objective of BIOE 401 is to study how to develop strategies for estimation of analysis, optimization and design of biological processes. Learning outcomes of the cource can be given assad1) Proposal of a process pathway and demostrating of a process diagram for bioprocess applications. (2) Learn and apply knowledge of mass balance, biological growth kinetics and enzyme kinetics in order to design bioreactors. (3) Perform financial assessment for bioprocesses.