GRDE302: Preparing a magazine and a series of book design with using one or all of the media and multimedia techniques such as illustration, photography, and typography. Studies on the realization of graphic projects. Students in this course will tackle advanced-level layout projects that push their design skills to the limit. Students will learn how to build strong foundations for the page design, explore creative applications for lines and shapes, and discover how to break the rules while maintaining the underlying structure of a page. Case studies will analyze carefully selected examples of layout designs considered to be classics of graphic print design.

GRDE402: This course is the final studio for Graphic design students. They are required to design their major graduating project based on the research they have done for this course, they will use graphic design techniques that they have learned through all the courses they passed,  with the theoretical premise, to solve the problem/issue, the program and the parameters of their project. Students must complete their Graduate project based on the proposal they have prepared in their Graduation Project Research. This course is preparing the students to show their capability of using graphic design for serious social problems besides the projects they do for corporations.