Pharmacognosy provides information about pharmacopoeial and related drugs of biological origin. Pharmacognosy I introduces students to botanical and chemical properties and therapeutical uses of plant originated crude drugs which contain carbohydrates (homogeneous, heterogeneous and algal polysaccharides), simple phenolics, tannins, flavonoids, antraquinones, coumarins, glucosinolates and cyanogenetic glycosides as their active constituents. Pharmacognosy I Lab comprises the examination of microscopical characters of powdered crude drugs containing tannins (nut gall), flavonoids(liquorice, ginkgo), cyanogenic glycosides and antraquinones(senna, cascara) as their active constituents and chemical identification (Borntraeger, Cyanidin) and TLC (antraquinones) of the drugs which yield same group of active constituents. General information about the production and quality control of crude drugs are also included.