This course is planned for the dentistry faculty students. In this course students will learn the basics of microbiology, microorganisms and it will be mostly based on oral health. Students must categorize the types, subtypes and taxonomy of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) while understanding their structures and life cycles. The pathogen-host interplay must be studied in detail with relation to pathogenic virulence factors, immune evasion mechanisms of pathogens, microbiotal competition and immune development. The types of innate and adaptive immune cells must be detailed, while understanding their specific effector functions during the cellular immune response to invading pathogens. Antigenic structures, antigen presentation, immune cell priming and immunoglobulin types and effector mechanisms must be understood. The concept of immunological memory and vaccination strategies must be comprehended. Antibiotics, their mechanisms of action, microbial resistance to antibiotics (together with resistance testing experiments) must be studied. Primary and acquired immunodeficiencies and the subsequent susceptibility of hosts must be understood. Immunological and molecular techniques must be researched.