A minimum of four weeks (20 working days) training in the related fields, involving the observation and discussion in detail of the various aspects of herbal production. The main objective of this training is to observe and discuss the various aspects and analysis of herbal production technologies. A formal report is to be submitted.

The Faculty of Agriculture attributes great importance to the summer training of its students and sees it as an indispensable learning activity which complements the theoretical knowledge they acquire in classes. There are opportunities for our students to do their summer training in relevant government institutions, research institutes, and qualified private companies and firms. The summer training is an activity which also helps our students in planning their careers and in finding appropriate jobs for themselves after graduation. During the training, each student carefully logs a summary of each days activity into the summer training file which is then confirmed and certified by a responsible agricultural engineer working at the relevant institution. The summer training is registered into each student’s transcript following an examination.