The infrastructure for the basic concepts and terminology of Pharmacology Pharmacology have the infrastructure for the basic concepts and terminology. absorption of drug administered to the body by welding and the overall properties of the drugs in the body, distribution, biotransformation and removal from the body, forms of action in the body of drugs, administration route and dose with interactions and adverse effects from other drugs which act on the body systems medicament sources and know the properties of the nervous system, heart -dam system, blood and shaping properties of drug effects on organ blood, pharmacokinetics, effects, adverse effects, drug interactions, usage and know the dose, cardiotonic glycosides, antiarrhythmic drugs, adrenergic agonist and antagonist drugs to know and practice applying the hypotensive drug forms. Central nervous system drugs. affecting the autonomic nervous system drugs. effective drugs to the respiratory tract. effective drugs for the digestive system. Endocrine systema effective drugs. Urinary system drugs. Hemolytic chemotherapeutic drugs. Diuretics and medications to regulate the fluid-electrolyte balance apply. Antibiotics are drugs derived apply. Drug application and impact of the students is aimed to learn.