Comparative language studies is designed for students who have a strong interest in acquiring specialized skills in foreign languages. The development of a comparative understanding of modern foreign language structures is essential for translation. Familiarity with major literary works of the languages is important in order to understand the contexts of texts that will be translated, especially literary works. The term comparative language or comparativlinguistics refers to the analysis of different language systems in order to determine their histories, evolutions and interconnections. As a comparative language student, you'll study ancient texts, manuscripts and other direct source materials. By comparing languages from different regions, you may draw conclusions about history, religion and population migration, among other cultural factors.


Credits:  (3, 0, 0)3                  Prerequisites: None                               ECTS:  

Abbreviated Title: Comp. Language Studies    Category: Area Core Course   Teaching Language: English

Keywords: Comparative, Analysis, Contexts      Course Status: (New)