Course Description and Objectives:

This course introduces fundamental concepts, principles, and best practices in project management based on the PMI PMBOK Guide 6th edition. Students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close projects successfully.

  • Understand the key principles and terminology of project management.
  • Apply project initiation and planning processes.
  • Create project schedules, budgets, and resource plans.
  • Monitor and control project performance.
  • Close projects and perform lessons learned.
Course Learning Outcomes:
L01. Understanding of fundamental project management principles and describe project management life cyles, 
Define the role of the project manager in general and specific terms.
Describe recognised project management documents.
L02. Explain the Project Integration management processes to ensure coordination and coherence across the project, Explain the value of project management processes, tools and techniques.
L03  Explain the Project Scope management processes and define and document project scope, including deliverables, constraints, and assumptions.
L04  Explain the Project Schedule management processes, illustrate project schedule using critical path analysis and other scheduling techniques.
        Make use of tools and techniques as relevant to this area.
        Explain how project managers manage time on projects.
Demonstrate how project schedules are used to control project timelines.
L05  Explain the Project Cost Management processes, select various cost estimation techniques to develop accurate project cost estimates.
 Explain how project managers manage cost on projects.
Describe how cost management is utilised on project work.
Make use of tools and techniques as relevant to this area.
L06. Explain the Project Quality Management processes, outlining the quality standards and processes to be used on the project.
L07. Explain the Project Resource Management processes , outlines how project resources will be identified, acquired, and managed,  Demonstrate leadership skills and effectively manage project teams to achieve project objectives.
L08. Explain the Project Communications Management processes, outlines the communication requirements and channels for the project.
L09. Explain the Project Stakeholder Management processes,  Engage and communicate with project stakeholders to ensure their needs and expectations are addressed.
L10. Explain the Project Risk Management processes,  identify and assess project risks, considering both threats and opportunities,  Formulate effective risk response strategies to mitigate, accept, transfer, or avoid identified risks.
L11. Explain the Project Procurement Management processes, outlining how procurement processes will be managed, including make-or-buy decisions.
Explain procurement concepts in relation to projects
L12. Explain the Project Stakeholder Management processes , Identify project stakeholders and examine their influence, interest, and expectations, formulate strategies to engage and manage stakeholder expectations throughout the project lifecycle.