The course "Drawing and Clay Modeling" offers a dynamic exploration of artistic expression using two diverse mediums: drawing and clay modeling. Students commence their artistic journey by engaging in a range of sketching tasks, refining their abilities to accurately depict shapes, textures, and viewpoints. By utilizing these sketches as a creative basis, pupils subsequently develop their ultimate ideas for clay sculpting.

Through the translation of their drawings into conceptual concepts, students initiate the process of converting their thoughts into physical clay artworks. Utilizing their recently acquired expertise in clay sculpting, they painstakingly transform their concepts into tangible creations, integrating intricate elements, textures, and three-dimensional shapes.

The lesson focuses on the interdependent connection between drawing and clay modeling. Drawing serves as the trigger for the process of ideation, while clay serves as the medium through which these ideas materialize into exceptional sculptures. The process of moving from first ideas to the final clay sculptures facilitates a thorough comprehension of form, composition, and the profound ability of artistic expression to bring about change.