Designing buildings and their environments and/or forming spatial patterns considering the urban and environmental context of higb rise public buildings such as offices, hospitals, dormitories, mix use buildings and ete. Structuring the necessary orders by researching the properties of the given (virtual and/or natural) topography and the architectural context. Researching to find appropriate construction systems and materials considering the newand advanced technologies of higb rise buildings, verticaI circulation, accessibility, c1imate, building physics, urban identity and skyline problems. Understanding different design languages and enhancing design vocabularies by doing research on different applications, Developing self motivation, imagination through generatian of ideas and concepts, Exploring advanced representational materials and techniques, modelling, sketching as a way of developing ideas and concepts, computer aided image production, Identification of self mental and manual skills in order to fonn the individual styles. The students are required to design the town center of Nicosia.