The pervasive use of computer-based applications such as internet, database, and information systems has brought about so many security related issues. This has increased the interest of researcher in information security field. Information security is the practice of securing information.

This course aim at providing students with an advanced knowledge of information security technologies and tools. At the end of the course, Students shall be able to understand advanced concepts in assessing the strength and limitations of security technologies. Students shall be able to design, develop, manage, and analyze security systems. They shall also be able to point out common threat and vulnerabilities

This course focuses on enterprise management information systems and the technologies used in their design, implementation and maintenance. The alignment of information systems with business strategy, socio-technical aspects of system development and e-commerce systems are all explored. A case study analysing business processes for an enterprise systems project is conducted

Decision-making in business situations requires the analytical skills of Operational Research. In particular, making business decisions in an uncertain environment requires the skills of Decision Theory. When situations with several characteristics need to be taken into account, the decision-maker either needs to make a sequence of decisions or wants to achieve several objectives. Knowledge of Game Theory is essential in competitive conditions, either with an active opponent or with multiple players that may cooperate and form coalitions.

The tremendous growth of the Internet and World Wide Web is having great impact on businesses, governments and individuals throughout the world. The Net and Web allow business to be conducted in ways heretofore not possible.  Organizations of all kinds are being affected in radical ways.  New business models are being invented.  Vast wealth is (well, it was before the stock market headed south!) being accumulated by Internet companies and shareholders.  Internet companies are using their capital value to buy or merge with other companies.  Consumers have rapid access to better information, increasing pricing pressure on competing firms.  Workers are more productive, further helping to keep prices low and inflation at bay.

The course emphasizes the active and significant role managers must assume in the analysis, design, use and management information systems. It covers the planning and organization of an MIS project, strategies for the determination of requirements, the transition from analysis and design, the conceptual design of the new system, phases in the implementation process, and conversion methods.

CPE540 Advance Database Management Systems