This course is designed to introduce students radio and radio production tools by describing and explaining radio and it’s tools and get wide knowledge about today’s radio broadcasting and radio production. This course aims to enable students to understand how to use basic radio production tools like microphones, audio tape recorders (analog and digital), audio console etc. Also, sound recording and editing will be discussed. Students will also learn to talk with people and try him/her self as reporter for his/hers assignments.
This course covers the entire historical development of photography beginning with the first prints and chemical processes.The course evolves around the technological and artistic evolution of photography,art of expression, photography-reality relation and basic concepts of photography.The composition, visual perception, types of photography, visual thinking and creation will be taught both theoretical and in practice.
This course is designed to cover a broad range of radio programming and provides a sound understanding of radio production.
This course aims to enable students to understand the characteristics of radio, including its strengths and weaknesses as a medium of communications. There's also an introduction to typical studio layouts, including a discussion of the pros and cons of using CDs, records, and tapes in the production of radio programs. It includes extremely wide range of radio programming situations, types of programs like news programs, from the issues involved with news item selection to how best to write and read news scripts. Additional subjects are talk show and phone-in radio programs, making radio commercials, music programming techniques, handling remote broadcasts and commentaries. There are also subjects on radio drama production and documentaries that discusses everything from sound effects to music and the acoustic environment.

This course is designed to provide students the basic styles, principles and techniques of radio-TV news writing. Students will develop their skills for radio-TV news on- the- air and behind the scenes as a producer, news writer, newscaster, host and reporter.
Konuşma ve yazma becerisinin kuramsal boyutlarıyla açıklanacağı bu derste, Türkçe’nin yapısal özellikleri ve dilbilgisi, yazım kuralları ve uygulamaları, güzel konuşmaya yardımcı teknikler, konuşma içeriğinin düzenlenmesi, konuşmanın vücutla ilgili unsurları, konuşmayı etkileyen faktörler, diksiyon ve önemi, Türkçe'nin doğru sesletiminde önemli olan noktalar, doğru vurgu, doğru tonlama vb. konular üzerinde durularak belli bir konuda doğru, akıcı ve güzel konuşma ve yazma becerisinin geliştirilerek, konuşma ve yazımdaki dil ve anlatım yanlışlarının düzeltilmesi amaçlanmaktadır.