As an introductory course on social responsibility projects, the objective is to provide students with an understanding of the strategic relationship between business, society, and the environment -  Why Social Responsibility?   The course will cover both the corporate/business and social perspectives. Using a systems approach, the course will cover approaches and framework surrounding social responsibility as well as emerging trends, best practices, innovation, strategies and tools.  Students will gain knowledge of strategic social responsibility as well as practical tools and new approaches for effective design, implementation and increased impact in projects. This course will add to the student's growing understanding of international business and its strategic relationship and role.


Learning Objectives:


By the end of the course, students should be able to:


  • Identify and understand the key drivers, current trends, and developments behind corporate social responsibility
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the strategic nature of CSR, sustainability and its impact on and relationship to society, business, policy, and the environment
  • Expand knowledge of international business, responsible globalization, and develop an ability to apply CSR principles to current business situations
  • Critically evaluate cases, proposals, and new trends in social responsibility
  • Identify, understand, and evaluate key components and critical success factors of a good CSR project
  • Learn tools and procedures for effective CSR project management, monitoring, evaluation, impact and communication
  • Learn to write effective CSR proposals and reports and how to communicate results