This course researches the relation between the image and the meaning. Students learn and use an analysis of visual semiotic approach. The advertisements, signs, symbols, movies, and everyday objects can be a research topic. Art exhibitions and the artwork are proper research environments as well. Students expected to observe, dissect and write a paper for the course.   

This course is scientific method in academic research and introduction to research. Defining research problem, research

design, survey design, sampling methods, data collection methods. Give accurate reference. Domestic and research examples of overseas libraries.

The graduate-level students are expected to work on the graphic design problems under the guidance of the instructor. The design/art project in a certain manner will be explored by the student considering the theoretical or contextual basis related with. Students will apply the basics of a research project they learned and not only theoretically, but also practically they are expected to produce an artwork/design. Another aspect of this studio course is to consider design issues with their social role and effect. Students are free to choose the medium as they interested in, filmmaking, book design, poster design, animations or kinetic typography are available with this course.

This course focuses on each student's personal design vision. Students develop a professional portfolio that includes design narratives and a substantial body of work. Students explore the specific skills necessary to design posters as a unique means of communication. Working with large formats, advanced students develop skills in critical thinking, research, development of concepts and content, analysis and editing, and technical execution. Working from concept to finished artwork, students develop methods and strategies for producing effective graphic design solutions. Formal and practical design concepts, skills, and essential digital applications are covered. Presentation of visual ideas, design principles, typography and commercial printing technology, and advanced graphic design processes are explored.