Environment; Natural Environment; Man-Made Environment

Urban Environmental Issues

Building Related Environmental Issues

Green Buildings; Environment Friendly Buildings; Sustainable Architecture

Green Building Products and Materials

Environmental Performance Assessment Tools

This course is about Contemporary Long Span and High Rise Buildings and non -traditional Structural Systems arisen from Social and Technological demands for big areas/spaces to gather great number of occupants (theatres, arenas, and like) or equipment and products (aircrafts and like), free of intermediate supports under one roof, multistory industrial buildings, High Rise Residential and Public buildings. The knowledge earned by students will be applied to their design solutions to enrich their quality, creativity and skill of design.

Course enhances student’s critical comprehension of historic styles and the impact they have on contemporary design solutions. The survey begins with the medieval age and provides an overview of the history of furniture through the Renaissance, Baroque years, the 19th and the 20th centuries. Students study the history of furniture and architecture with an emphasis on specific examples and designers from the ancient times to the turn of the 20th Century. Historical information is presented with reference to the geographical, social, economic, political, and technical influences that shaped the design of furniture and interior environments. The focus of this course is on the evolution of furniture design, including interior architecture approaches.