Plant tissue culture is a broad term for this particular course. Actually it covers cell, tissue, embryo, pollen and organ cultures, respectively. Tissue culture in general deals with all aspects of mass (micro) propagation of any kind of plants including flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, grapes, forest trees, cereals, beans and so on.

Tissue culture is a modern method of virus-free micro propagation and the first step of bio engineering. It is also an important bridge between basic sciences and applied sciences as agriculture. Diseases and hazardous insects are big problems in agricultural production and combating these problems is rather expensive and difficult. One of the main purposes of tissue culture methods is to propagate mass amount of disease-free young plants in a short time. Basic selections of designed plants are quite easy by this methods. Murashige and Skoog medium which consists of macro and micro nutrients is widely used  in tissue culture propagation as well as a few important hormones and amino acids. Either semi-solid or liquid media are used in this particular method.