This course aims to provide the ability and knowledge for students to transform their design ideas into reality by providing applicable and capable techniques. It is also describe the structure and building system and components named as foundation, wall, beam, slab, roof and vertical circulation elements. Mainly all components to be studied in connection with the aesthetical interior approached and be studied as part of a space. The course will consist of several activities such as; studio work, model making and parallel to that the below listed program will be precisely followed covering the theoretical part of the course.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Building construction I, is the continuation of the Introduction to construction (4 ) course and by the completion of the course the students should be able to do develop (5) the Knowledge of  main construction system, building detail and technical recognition (2) of main building components.

2. Ability of  analyze (4) and categorize (4) the Initial (5) building details.

3. Capacity to draw (2) and generate (4) suitable system details according to given design (4) problems.

4. Application (3) of structural system in the design (4) process (3); Awareness of the design possibilities offered by structural system .