The student enrolled in the program chooses a subject related to communication and media studies and a related advisor within the framework of this course. Student-advisor communication is carried out between the student and his / her advisor within the framework of the determined  regulations. The student is expected to make a thesis study that will have a unique contribution to the field.

In this course, students are introduced to communication controlling as a key concept in Strategic Public Relations and strategic communication. After the course, the Ph.D. Students shall be acquainted with the theoretical framework for communication controlling as well as its practical implementation. Special attention is paid to the alignment of strategy and controlling. Students will be equipped with an in-depth understanding of applied social research as a means of evaluating strategic communication programs, knowledge on how social research contributes to strategic communication planning as well as strategic communication evaluation, an in-depth understanding of established methods and tools of communication controlling, i.e. systematic, integrated, both formative continuous and summative evaluation against the backdrop of communication strategy and the ability to systematically derive a communication strategy from an organizational strategy or business strategy.

COMM650-PhD Qualifying Exam.