This Moodle course is for supplying necessary information (rules, regulations, and forms) to Mechatronics engineering students regarding summer training.

SummerTrainging in Civil Engineering

CLE300 / CVL 300

İnşaat Mühendisliği'nde Yaz Stajı

Summer training is a must for an engineering student, consisting of 30 workdays in an engineering company, to be evaluated with a report and an oral presentation, by the summer training committee.

You can find Application and Acceptance Letters, application steps, general rules of report writing and the report guidelines here.

A minimum of six weeks (30 working days) training in the related fields, involving the observation and discussion in detail of the various aspects of energy production and consumption. The main objective of this training is to observe and discuss the various aspects and analysis of energy production process and inspection of  energy systems. A formal report is to be submitted.