Bu dersi alan öğrencilerin dönem sonunda temel bilgisayar kullanımı ve Windows işletim sistemi hakkında bilgi sahibi olmaları ve Microsoft Ofis ortamında çalışan Word, Powerpoint ve Excel uygulamalarını kullanabilir duruma gelmeleri hedeflenmektedir.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to theoretical perspectives and foundations in the fundamental topics of information
and communication technologies, digital systems and digitization in business processes. This course aims to help information systems
postgraduate students to carry out a research in Information Systems field as well as in fields of business, information science,
communications, computer science, etc. In this course, students will be able to apply and understand the strengths and weaknesses of
the commonly used research methodologies in information systems, enhance their ability to theorize about information technology and
learn the process of publishing information technology related research in information systems and non-IS journals.

The course aims to Provide students with in depth knowledge of computer systems and their impact on society as well as introduce students to advanced excel packages, and Powerpoint

The aim of this course is to introduce computer fundamentals, how to access to Internet, basic principles of operating systems, various types of application programs, basic computer hardware, and input and output devices.