1.       Cleansing Cream,  Cold cream (USP-21),

2.       Vanishing cream,

3.       Foundation cream without pigment, foundation cream with pigments

4.       Hand and body cream 1,  hand and body cream 2    (two formulations)

5.       Foot cream, preparations for warts and calluses

6.       Cleansing gels, skin tonic.

7.       Cleansing and peeling  gel, peeling solution.

8.       Night and massage cream, face powder

9.       Lip cream, Shaving cream.

10.    Lipstics, two formulations

11.   Antiperspirant stick, antiperspirant lotion

12.   Antiperspirant creams (two formulations)

13.   After shave lotion, sunscreen lotion

14.   Mouth wash, tooth paste, tooth powder.