This course researches the relation between the image and the meaning. Students learn and use an analysis of visual semiotic approach. The advertisements, signs, symbols, movies, and everyday objects can be a research topic. Art exhibitions and the artwork are proper research environments as well. Students expected to observe, dissect and write a paper for the course.   

The course structure is based on participation in international events like competitions, exhibitions, biennials and so on. Students are expected to select at least two different events from the list below. The objectives of this course are to gain the ability to design according to a brief, comprehension of design issues based on the zeitgeist, to develop self-time management related to the deadline and to engrain in self-confidence and self-representation himself/herself in a global world.   

The aim of this course is to introduce the colour knowledge, general colour harmony rules, colour's cultural and psycological effects and to sustain proper colour use in graphic design. Student research, preparing report / essay on defined subjects. Besides the lectures of theoretical colour culture, to examine the colour harmonies by studies of warm-cold-achromatic-monochromatic colour.