MRKN551 kodlu ders yeni bir ders olduğu için moodle'da bulunmamaktadır. Dersin eklenmesini rica ediyorum.

Development of a
media business portfolio and strategies. Students will work to revise existing
projects, create advanced projects and select and organize projects for
promotion. Includes use of effective techniques of presentation. Includes
creation and revision of resume, business card, and template based website.

Emphasis is on the
selection of appropriate work, conceptual improvement, and methods of
presentation, including digital and traditional formats.

This course applies the skills and information
gained throughout media technology courses in practical experiences, the
development of a portfolio, and the building of a resume. Field trips and
seminars are included. Students contract with the instructor for experiences
tailored to their interests in media technology.

The general aim of the course is to give students a chance to create web based projects by combining their design abilities and computer experience. Objective of the course is to give a general idea about the unlimited potential of the Internet and to let them create projects within their own time limits as well as an idea about how to effectively and efficiently advertise and market their web spaces. Students will be expected to learn basic elements of web design, improve their creativity by exploring themselves as web designers, search for their own style, write project proposals.